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Principles We have come to embrace when helping  people.

You cannot fix people!  Only God is God. Repeat after me: I am responsible for my own emotional and mental health – and so are you for yours.  Unless you are licensed to mess with people’s head, stop it!  It’s just to much for one life, people!  Less drama, more life. Wow…advice is a bad idea.  Offer love and don’t take people’s stuff into yourself.

If you are actually unhappy with yourself, stop making excuses. How can you change what is out of balance in your life? Do it. Overrun? Tell people that you aren’t able to help, but that you will pray for them – and do.  Help them make healthy choices, but do not be an enabler!

If you are an addict – emotion, porn, drug or drinking – live in transparency.  Get away from the people who foster your behaviors, and live the life that you dream of.  Remember that passive aggressive people help set us up to fail, because change ~ your change for the better, even ~ scares people. Be relentlessly honest.  If you are not going forward…you’re falling behind.

Be connected to people who you want to be like.  If you want to be something or like someone, hang out with those folks.  Learn to walk, talk and believe that way – and you will attract it into your life.  Now here is a hint – if you’re around people who drain you 24/7, you might rethink your life.

No excuses.  Even if you can tell no one else the truth – tell yourself.

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